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You can find full details of our affiliate program and also sign up here :


This agreement describes the terms and conditions for participation in the Original Sensible Affiliate Program. The terms "Affiliate," "you," and "your" are referring to you, the applicant. "We" and "our" refer to The Original Sensible Seed Company.

We are independent parties and this agreement will not form any partnership.


This agreement will begin upon the creation of your affiliate account

Termination may happen at any time, with or without cause, by either party




You will receive 15% of the revenue ( before shipping / handling ) as a commission from orders placed through your Affiliate Site

For a sale to generate a commission to an Affiliate, the customer must complete the order process and compete full payment. You will receive an a separate commission for orders placed through the “tiered” Affiliate Sites of those sub-Affiliates which you have sponsored into our Affiliate Program.  Affiliate commissions will only be paid on sales which are made through qualified Affiliates.

Fees will be paid subject to receiving a payment request via your affiliate account dashboard. We have a minimum payment threshold of €100 for bank transfer. All balances including those under €100 can alternatively be paid by Bitcoin, or as a store Credit.


The Original Sensible Seed Company are solely responsible for processing every order placed by a customer on the Affiliate and sub-affiliate sites. Customers who purchase products and services through The Original Sensible Seed Company will be deemed to be customers The Original Sensible Seed Company are.

Prices and availability of our products and services may vary from time to time.  We reserve the right to reject any order that does not comply with our rules, operating procedures and policies.


The Original Sensible Seed Company reserves the right not to accept any site into the affiliate program based on site content. This includes sites such as sites that are:

  • X- rated and promote sexually explicit materials
  • Promoting violence and discord.
  • Promoting discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age
  • Promoting illegal or questionable activities
  • Violating intellectual property rights


Unsolicited Commercial E-mail - The Original Sensible Seed Company are in no way participates in mass unsolicited e-mailing (i.e. spamming), and all Affiliates are expected to adhere to this policy as well. Violation of this policy will result in the termination of this contract and immediate dismissal from the (Insert Your Affiliate Program Name Here) Affiliate Program, with no refund.


We make no express or implied warranties or representations with respect to the Affiliate Program or your potential to earn income from the Original Sensible Affiliate Program. In addition, we make no representation that the operation of our site or the Affiliate Sites will be uninterrupted or error-free, and we will not be liable for the consequences of any interruptions or down time.

By creating an affiliate account with us, you acknowledge that you have read this agreement and agree to all its terms and conditions. You have independently evaluated this program and are not relying on any representation, guarantee, or statement other than as set forth in this agreement.

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